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All Optoma EP739 or EP745 Owners please Read

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Anyone that has a 745 or 739, please try using a vga to component or straight VGA cable and play Star Wars Episode I and see if on the opening yellow scrolling storyboard the projector goes in and out of focus on some parts. Also you can check the closing credit (blue on black text) and see if it does the same thing. I have confirmed that it does this on other owners projectors and just want to see if it does them on all or just some. If you can't do this test, also please replay saying you can not, but it should do this on pretty much any movie when in dark scenes (ie X-men2, Harry potter, etc) try it out and post your finding, because if everyones does this we need to get Optoma to fix this. Thanks for trying and me and Littlerm look forward to your responses. This has to be done in P.SCan Progressive scan) with a DVD player or if using a computer it is already

P.Scan signal >;)

Also to fix this I have found if you have pull down a DVD menu while the movie is playing (ie subtitle slection menu) it clears right up and as soon as you get rid of the menu from teh screen the video goes back to behaving iradically in and out of focus on dark scenes. I am talking with Optoma Engineers but they want to know if this is just a few or if it is many.
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Ya I noticed this on some ending credits of various movies. The text goes out of focus then back in. Its the only time I notice it, so its something I can live with. But on the other hand, if this can fixed via a firmware upgrade I might send it in to them.
Do you have any other DVD's SSR? It does this during movies also (monstly dark scenes) If you have Harry Potter the newest one or X-Men 2 let me know and I can tell you what chapters do it, then you can test it and report back. It seems to be how the chip is calculating certain things as I have another projetor exact same specs pretty much just no DVI port and it does not have this problem. It will be interesting to see if everyones does this.
My 739 is doing this over the DVI port using a MCE2005 HTPC. I hooked up my Panasonic CP-72 DVD player through the VGA-component breakout cable and it does not do this. Very strange... I never noticed it until it was brought to my attention.
Just giving a bump so other 739 and 745 owners can have a chance to reply
I don't have episode I, and netflix doesn't carry it yet. I put episode II on my queue. I'll let you know once it arrves. So far I haven't noticed any focus problems though. I'm a bit surprised about your focus issues though. Is there any optics inside the projector that can move? I thought the only movable optics is the focus and zoom. I can't understand yet why focus would change based on the content you play.

It does not seem to be a focus problem exactly, but that is the easiest way to descripe, basically it is like a haze comes over the screen for a breif moment, but the thing that really confuzes the issue is that havinf a DVD menu down prevents it from doign this. If we could find out what happenes to the signal or projector when the DVD menu is down, I think Optoma could fix this problem farily quickly. But you definatly do not need to use the star wars dvd, it happens in most DVD's that have dark scenes. List off some of your dvd's and I will let you know which ones it would do it for. Are oyu using DVI or VGA port? Thanks for the update though, lets keep this thread going >;)
I have also some problems on blurred images in dark scenes.

I've been using dvi-p output on Samsung HD841 as well as on Pioneer 363k(progressive) and it seems to go in and out of focus every time. Is there any way to solve this problem on the Ezpro 739?
Well it is startign to look like a model manufactuer problem ,it will be interesting to see how many more owners are havin this problem. Thanks for the input so far >;)

Ok, I see it too. I noticed it playing the closing credits of Heat. The white text on the black background blurs a bit. A second or so after bringing up a PowerDVD menu the text becomes a little brigher and sharper. Interestingly enough, bringing up the menu of the projector itself does not fix it. Looks like the projector has trouble with an input signal that has hardly anything in it.

I'm driving this from my computer, with a 25 foot VGA cable.


PS. I have 20 mounting screws for the 739/749. The 2.8mm ones. If anyone needs a set PM me.
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Yes, I noticed that to Bart, that bringing up the projector menu does not help, must be a seperate internal signal that overlays the main image. I do not think it is a low signal problem, as I have tried numerous lentghs of cables all the way from 4 foot VGA up to 50 foot VGA and VGA/Component and they all show this same problem. Will the engineer I am working with should receive my projector some time soon, hopefully today, he will then test it. It would be interesting to see if anyone that has a ep745 model has this same issue, so far I think these are all 739's that have been reported. Lets keep them coming >;)

Mine is a 745 (!). I meant to say that if the image is mostly made up of black the projector gets confused. Question is how much black.

I'm very curious to hear what Optoma has to say about this!

Yes, I 100% agree with you, it seems to be a percentage of black that is the issue, but if you do have the newest harry potter DVD, check out the chapter when he and an instructor is walking through the forest together, I think it is chapter 16, not a dark scene but it does the problem, could be underlying black in the scene though, not sure, if you got it check it out. That is so far the only non dark scene I have seen the problem.
I just got an email from Will at Optoma.

Hi Rob,

We got your projector today. After we tested it, we found nothing physically wrong with the unit, but the set-up in service menu is not good. After we did reset and video calibration, the projector is working perfect now.

Thank you for your support to Optoma. Enjoy your movie time.


I will phone him and talk to him personally so that we can see if this fixes the problem on mine also. I will let oyu all know.
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Service menu.....umm hope they let the rest of us in on what service menu tweaks they did to your machine. And more importantly how to get in the service menu.
I was talking with Will and he mentioned that there is another guy in Canada with these same problems, I was the first, now there is someone else. I gave him this thread so that he can see, and he is doing the tests on DVD's either today or tomorrow, He has also put me in contact with the US product Manager Cori Lee, but I have not been able to talk with him as of yet. Will said the service menu takes a long time to go through, but I am sure we would all be willing to go through this procedure to fix our projectors, but I will talk with Will again and see what he says tomorrow. But it definatly looks like there is a problem with all of our projectors. Will also said the product is farily new only out a couple of months, and that if we/Optoma can find the problem, they will be more then happy to fix it. I will continue to update this thread as I get more info.
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What a service you and optoma are doing for us Rob, thanks!
Awesome Rob, thanks for taking the lead on this! Of course I would want to know how to get into the service menu, and tweak this thing to perfection. :) I hope someone from Optoma will read this thread.


Just to give an update, I have been transfered over to the USA headquaters in Cali, they are doing some tests and getting back to me tomorrow with some answers, The guy I am now talking with Cori, seems to agree with my first impression on this problem, that for some reason the projector is trying to deinterlace a progressive scan signal. Of course this not a a for sure, but that is his first impression. He will be calling me tomorrow and I will update then again >;)
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