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Well, I finally got every resolution I want to work on my Radeon 9800 Pro hooked up to a Sharp Z10,000 DLP projector. Thanks to Shawn O for first suggesting that I try Rage: http://www.rage3d.com/?node=r3dtweak&79217

For those with Radeon cards who still might have a problem:

1. delete powerstrip and Radeon drivers

2. install the new 4.1 drivers

3. install the Rage

4. Display settings>advanced>custom resolutions>select 1280x720

5. Restart

6. Select 1280x720

If 1280x720 still does not look correct (widescreen) do this:

1. Display settings>advanced>Find your display type connection and click. You will see a checkmark by the "resize to fit your monitor". Un-check it.

2. Under your projector menu select resize and then pick dot x dot. the 1280x720 should now fill the whole screen. 1024x768 may be too big and 800x600 will now be smaller.

You can fix this by going from dot x dot to normal or stretched on your projector, or you can try to use Powerstrip to edit (stretch/squeeze) these resolutions. Hope this helps some of you! :D

Thanks again!!!
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