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First of all I wish to express my many thanks to the users of the AVS Forum for making it such a great success!

With that said...I also feel I need to remind some of the users that what makes this board such a nice place to stop in, is the low level of personal assaults on this site.

We all are very passionate about our hobby and the money we have spent to make it what we have. Thus because of this, sometimes people take total offence, almost as a personal attack, when someone says they do not like a certain piece of equipment that they may own. Even if it was not stated as such, like, "I hate that piece of junk you have." but more like in general as in "I do not like the BLANK". If a person owns a BLANK then sometimes they tend to strike back to protect their investment. This then starts mud slinging.

We have tried very hard to have a "coffee house" type of a place where you can come, sit for awhile, make new friends, and talk about what we love. That being Home Theater. Be it audio or video, HDTV or DSS, Digital Recorders or DVD, we all have our likes and dislikes. But please, let us all remember...most of us come here for help, advice, and to learn. I for one have learned quite a bit from the users on this site. Have you not?

While most of us embrace our sometimes expensive hobby, some others tend not to understand that we are all here to help and learn. They instead just seem to want to poke or start issues be it with other users or companies. Let it be known...This will not be welcomed in our coffeehouse (this forum). Posts have been, and will continue to be, removed that do not follow our simple rules of conduct.

The AVS Forum has a large following of both registered members and non-members. Not to mention manufacturers. So, lets not offend one another, but be courteous. Lets not put down someone's equipment, but instead help him or her get the most out of what they have. Let us not tell manufacturers how bad something is, but instead tell them what they can do to fix it or make it better. Let us not trash the meaning of Home Theater, but instead help others EXPERIENCE IT!


Alan & David

"The Boys of AV Science"

A side note: Alan does not drink coffee...I however live on it, thus the coffeehouse reference. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif


David Bott
It's A World Of Entertainment...Experience It!

AV Science Webmaster
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