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Ok, so ive got a question about Samsungs allshare...

I have a PC running windows 7 and a Samsung 55D7000 tv that im using allshare with. Ive set up my shared files on allshare on my PC and can see all of the files on the tv. All of the folders are accessible from the tv except 1. When I try to watch a movie from my portable HD through allshare on the tv is says "Failed to access the device. Please check the device and retry." But all of my music is on the portable HD as well and that plays through the TV no problem. So how could some of the folders work but 1 doesnt? Do I need to tweak a setting in allshare?

Also, since all of my music is in sub folders by artist/band and album i can only play 1 folder at a time through the tv. How do I make a playlist so That all of my music will play without having to change folders. I saw a play list option in allshare on my PC buy I cant add a folder to it, I have to grab 1 file at a time and with over 10,000 MP#'s thats going to take a very long time...

Thanks for your help

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