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Almost all that come on D.V want service menu, I put it on but not 1 response

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I can't go on the Jeff *jerk* has messed it up by responding with a pointless number of posts. He just signed on on 9/23/02, some newbie.:rolleyes:
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So what if they don't know what to say. You want pointless responses?
Give it a rest Hobby, let people respond when they feel like it.

That website has been there and back again on all the HT forums. It's referenced to quite often and is nothing new. Chances are most people have already seen it.
Also, all the info is given in the link so why would anyone need to respond to "your" post.
If the post was really that important, Admin would "sticky" it to the top. There is no need to respond to the thread just to bump it up. Or are you waiting for an answer to a question? Oh, you didn't ask a question... Why would anyone need to respond?
Yet instead of bumping the thread up yourself asking for responses you start a new thread complaining that nobody responded to your other thread. This belongs in that thread and should not waste space on the AVS DV board.
And as you can see it's a pretty pointless thread that has no real useful information that has anything to do with direct view TV's.
Is this what you were looking for? I am responding. That's what you want right? Even if I have no real response, I should give it because you want me to?
Mods, please close the thead. There isn't anything useful here and please lock any threads Hob creates that are useless to the board such as this one.
Hob, you mentioned making your own calibration, and I was wondering if you made any changes on your overscan. I got my F38310 very close to the same time you got yours (same JX5, date, etc.). Mine came with 2% overscan at all 4 edges, which does reveal some edge compression ("barrel roll" effect). I complained about this on a related thread, and you responded that some of us must be looking at the screen with binoculars.

This was right on target because before long I hardly noticed that anymore. I found out later that 2% top & bottom is nice in that it almost exactly displays the entire height of 1.85 AR ("Academy standard") films.

I realize you can increase the overscan to 4-5% and get rid of most of the edge compression, but personally I don't want to give up that much of the image. What are your thoughts about this? BTW, check your PMs as I sent you one this morning.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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