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Hello Folks,

Have been struggling with a curious case -- hope some of you can shed some light and help.

I recently brought my almost 10 year old Pioneer VSX-9040THX (7.1 AVR) out from retirement in the hope of dedicated stereo listening.
So went ahead and got a pair of Klipsch RP-280F to replace the set of JBL CS6100BG I had for it as well.

The Klipsch pair is great and I start hearing from them at much lower volumes than I ever did with the JBL!
But then yesterday night I also realized that at very low volumes it's only one channel (left) that's got any sound coming from it - whereas from the other is very faint / almost close to nothing.
Now if I keep bumping up the volume the other channel will eventually start playing at some point (-35db, or some peak), and there on would stay in-sync no matter what the volume is changed to -- of course, till the next re-start of the receiver.
I tried swapping the speaker cables at the receiver and the problem would switch over to the other side. So, the speakers themselves seem to be fine and it's something to do with the receiver.
May be because it was sitting unused for over 4-5 years now. I had cleaned the inside off all the dust using some compressed air before plugging it back the first time last week.
Now the issue does seem to be regardless of the source type -- may be at what volume the other channel kicks in has a dependency on the source type's input level but that's about it. And, I'm mostly playing from a directly connected iPod, or Chromecast connected to one of the HDMIs of the AVR and casting from Spotify, or a PC connected to HDMI, etc. - all in Pure Direct mode, no room calib, eq, or sub.

Also, another related question, hope it's OK to ask along with this..
The Pioneer is good for 110 wpc at 8 ohms, full range, 2 channels driven. But the Klipsch is rated at 150W continuous, 8 ohms.
So, I have been wondering if I should get a better power amp?
The receiver does have pre-amp outs for all 7 channels - and can be setup for bi-amping as well (re-purpose surround backs).
Checked with folks at Klipsch and the recommendation was min. 130W for quality audio reproduction & longevity of the speakers.
I listen at moderate volume levels and have no intention of playing at clipping levels. So I might do OK on quality audio reproduction, but that longevity part is of concern.
Can something go wrong with the speakers down the line from being underpowered, although not overly? Also, will a more powerful amp really make that much of a difference?
Really interested in learning what you all think of this / know from your experience, etc.
Please do share your thoughts.

Pioneer-Elite-Vsx-21txh.html?page=119#manual (above is similar to this Elite model, in case someone is familiar with this)

How to: Bi-Amping a Speaker | Klipsch (this was an interesting find, as I was excited about bi-amping possibilities when buying the speeks)
Note: Bi-amping is not a requirement for Klipsch speakers. Whether you believe it delivers an audible improvement is up to your ears.


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Wondering if it makes sense to call up Pio support for the 1 channel issue...? Though I’m long past any warranty phase.
Not sure how much it can cost, but if it’d be as much as buying a new one then may be not. :(
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