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So my dedicated theater room in the basement is rough framed and I'm pre-wiring this week. I'll take pics!!

My equipment is:

Sony VPL-VW40

DaLite Cinema Vision 119"

4 Paradigm Atom back/surround speakers

2 Paradigm Monitor 7 Fronts

1 Paradigm center

1 Paradigm pdr sub

Denon AVR2808CI

Panasonic DMP-BD30 Blu Ray Player

I'm going to be mounting 2x4 blocks in between the studs where my speakers, screen and projector will mount to so I don't have to bother trying to find a stud.

My room layout is 14 wide by 19 long with 9' finished ceiling height. My projector is going to be mounted about 15' 6" back from the screen. I'm going to have one raised 6 1/4" platform that will serve as the main row for the seats (3 berkline power recliners).

Here is my thinking on speaker and screen placement in relation to the seats.

Screen - Mounted center of the front wide wall, bottom of screen about 36" from floor.

Two front tower speakers - mounted on built in shelf about 30" from floor

Center speaker - mounted on built in shelf in stage about 24" from floor.

Rear Surrounds and Back speakers - mounted on wall brackets 8' high aimed down.

My main question is about the back surround and rear speakers - should they be mounted 8' high, or lower like closer to ear level when standing?

Any other things I should tweak?



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About ear level when standing which puts them about 2 ft above your ear height when seated.

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Ear level... also make sure to post pics! I'm curious to see how you like your Denon.
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