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Almost ready

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I just finished up the second coat of paint on my screen(drywall). My HT seats just got delivered early(ya baby).

I put down 2 coats of kiltz primer sanding between both coats and painted the screen with 2 coats of "Tackroom White" a RL color mixed in Gildden base. The white is a vary bright intense white and I used eggshell hardness.

It looks BEAUTIFUL and SMOOTH, I used a white vary tight cell foam roller and the finished is vary smooth. I added acrylic retarded to slow down the dry time and this allowed the paint peaks to settle a bit and made it roll on so smooth it was a pleasure to roll, absolutely no roller marks while applying and you could roll over it as much as you like and not streak it. Dry time was about 1 hour before it lost it's wet surface. Absolutely beautiful.

This paint is temporary just to get going, over the next month or so I will experiment with different mixes. I thought of going with MM or one of the other mixes already done, but I just like to play like most of us dyi people. I am not trying to compete with the folks like MM ect............they have done a lot of work and their mixes show it, most of their results are as good or better than most all production screens I have seen.

I will be experimenting along the line of KIS “keep it simple†to a one coat application over primer and not many ingredients.

I have already achieved 2 of my goals with the addition of the acrylic retarder “easy spread with no roller marks and a smooth finish with the longer dry times I can't express how smooth and easy this acrylic was to roll on !!WOW!!

Now I need to stop talking and go get my PJ hung so I can watch “The Grinchâ€in my new HT loungers. Man can Xmas get any better.
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The latex paints most of the mixes here use are compatible with an acrylic retarder, right? Has anybody else added it to something like MM or CG to reduce roller difficulties?
By "acrylic retarder", do you mean a product such as Floetrol?
I don't know what the difference is between Floetrol and acrylic retarder but here's a link to a site about acrylic retarder .
Originally Posted by Jim McC
By "acrylic retarder", do you mean a product such as Floetrol?
I think its the same thing, I used Golden retarder. I just used the screen for the first time tonight and all I can say is !!WOW!! the colors are rich and punchy and the picture quality is through the roof. I have been watching movies on my living room wall for 6 months while I built my HT room. The paint on the drywall was light beige tan color, and it look great until I projected on the Tackroom bright white screen in my new theater.

I have total light control and my screen drops into a pocket in the wall with dark dark burgundy paint on the walls, same dark colored carpet,dark curtains and all ceiling lights are tiffany colored glass and wall sconces are frosted milk glass. The lights are all controlled on dimmers, it all works as planned. I can have quite a few lights on and not effect the quality of the picture to much.

I am glad I spent a lot of time on controlling the reflected light,I used a lot of diffused light,and controlled the angles/distances of these lights, it really paid off in the end. I am now sure I can keep the bright white screen and have some light on in the room so I don't have to muddy the whites or colors with a gray screen.

My projector has 2500:1 contrast so blacks have never been a problem, I will take some screen shots this weekend and post a few. Thanks for listening.

Merry Xmas to all and have a safe holiday.
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