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I'm new to this site so hopefully I'm in right area.  I have a question regarding replacement tweeters for my Alon 1 speakers. I blew the tweeters and after calling a few speaker specialists I was told by all of them that the SEAS h1212 tweeter was the closest replacement.  I ordered them and when they arrived I knew right away that the outer diameter of the mounting plate (where screw holes are) was bigger that my originals.  The originals are 3.5" and the replacements are 4" ....I am unsure of how to proceed here.... can I have the tweeter mounting plate cut down to proper size? I guess the speaker mounting spot could be routed but the Alons have the mid range and tweeters seperate from the bass enclosure and its a polymer of some type...it isnt wood so could it be routed safely? I would rather mod the tweeter as opposed to the cabinet....Are there any ideas please???


thank you


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