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Alternative to B&W FPM6?

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I was planning on using these for my front speakers and center channel but I am reading a lot of B&W bashing now. Do you guys have any recommendations for an alternative that will sound as good and non-obstructive & sleek? Thanks in advance for your input.

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Every speaker company now has flat speakers to compliment plasma displays. You need to listen yourself to what is available and decide for yourself.
Artisan, but they are designed to attach to the display (too close imo)....

Totems, paradigms, and morel all look bad to me (personal opinion on shape).....

Do they have to be long and narrow?

Era design4 lcr's sound fantastic.

I am reading a lot of B&W bashing now.
Any great company attracts naysayers (especially those who loose NHT sales to them). But I think you'd be hardpressed to find an audio-centric speaker manufacturer that enjoys such widespread support from such a large segment of those who know good speakers.

The FPMs sound very good, but notice there are other choices...audition, but if you can't and are going on reputation, B&W has a great one, as do a few other companies.
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I agree with Schadenfreude and Shadow 8; you need to listen for yourself and determine if you like what you hear. Don't worry about what other people say about B&W, expecially if YOU like them. Buy what you enjoy!
Agreed. Who cares what other people think? Are you buying speakers for them or for you?

OTOH, if you're looking for something to audition the B&W's against, that's different. You might consider these VSA VSX speakers , the DefTech Mythos series , or if you really want to be different, check out these Maggie MMGW's.

You have a ton of choices available to you with everyone from Boston Acoustics to Vienna Acoustics making wall-mountable speakers. Good luck and remember, the only opinion that matters is yours.

Hope this helps.
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