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Alternative to Cerwin Vega

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Just bought a Sammy 67" LED RPTV. My first 16:9 TV. I've been an audiophile for years, many of you know what that entails. Although I've enjoyed movies and football on a big screen I just never felt the need for a

Home Theater. I'm NOW HOOKED!!! Looking for some speakers and an AV receiver. Noticed the Cerwin-Vega CVHD set and was mildly interested.

Many of you cringe at this point and wonder how an audiophile could even say the words CV. My stereo and video will remain separate systems. It seems that the AV crowd has dismissed these as less than worthy. The two reviews I have read one on CNET and one on the Sound and Vision site

aren't nearly as dismissive. They recognize the limits of a limited system. Somewhat surprising that Ken Polhman "seems" to like them. So, can someone offer me first hand knowledge of a similar system (size, price) that has substantially better performance. Bear in mind the only audio duty it will see is musical score encountered in a movie. I'm of the opinion that asking (very) high end audio components to reproduce explosions is the same as asking them to explode. Not something I forsee in my audio future.

So, essentially what is the best $1000 5.1 speaker system, I know how loaded a question that is. Thanks for your time.

Best Regards,

Paul in NJ.
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Many brands that folks here enjoy are dismissed as unworthy for an audiophile on the forums. Cerwin Vegas has always been the poor mans JBL back when JBL made higher quality speakers than they do now. Horn loaded tweeters have a sound that either you like them or you don't. That is for you to decide.

C-V was making 2.1 music systems 30 years ago with 18" subwoofers and unusual satellite speakers, but that does not mean anything towards todays C-V's sound. Don't wait for approval from posters for your decision. If you have been reading the forums you have already have been informed about 5.1 $1000 systems from Hsu, ED, AV123, Energy.....etc.

All subs are not created equal. Some are designed primarily for music and reach down to 30 hz or so, but some HT subs are designed to reach down to below 20 hz. They may look similar and have the same sized woofer but are intended to perform differently.

Good luck
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