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I am still in the learning phase with a new LG 55LA6900.

I have setup and configured Nero MediaHome on my Windows 7 machine (64 bit, 3.0GHz, 8GB Ram).I have some shared folders (photos and music) as well as the WMP library.

Some things I don't like:

1) It seems slow when changing folders.

2) It displays a WMP entry in the LG Input List for every User Account on the PC when I only want one of the User Accounts shared.

3) "All" anything (photos, music) is a hodgepodge between the 3 User Accounts with no "Sort by Folder" option.

4) Maybe is me but the UI on the LG is clumsy enough but Nero seems to be finding ANYTHING shareable on the PC in any User account and throwing it all together. I don't see anyway to restrict Nero HomeMedia to serving/streaming ONLY what I tell it to.

I don't need anything too fancy I just want my Photos and Music. The LG TV will be the primary source for TV stations, STB access and Internet Movie streaming. In other words I am not using my PC as a movie library.

Is there something else that provides more access control and speed? Plex?

EDIT: Got items 2,3 and part of 4 resolved. Not sure how/why but media streaming was turned on for all three accounts . Turned it off for 2 of them. Hope the settings hold.
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