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Alternatives to Denon AVR-4802

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I am looking for suggestions on alternatives to the Denon AVR-4802 receiver for my home theater. I would probably go with the the Yamaha RXV-3200 (I currently use Yamaha components for the rest of the house and have had good luck with them.) but it does not have dual zone capability, which is a requirement.

For some perspective, here is the rest of the proposed equipment:


Da-Lite Imager w/Pro-Imager

Zenith DTV1080

Denon DVM-4800

Atlantic Technology speakers (undecided on model)

As always, any help is greatly appreciated.

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you could consider the Integra DTR 8.2 or 9.1 they have dual zone.

I am going through a similar thing and I have narrowed it down to

either the Denon 4802 or the Integra 8.2 or 9.1 the Denon seems

to have a little more inputs and outputs but I think the Intgra sounds

better just my $.02 intgra receivers link
HTPC with Delta 410 (or 1010) audio card + external amplification. This setup will give you better picture and audio quality. If you aren't great at setting up computers, you can purchase pre-built solutions (AV Science & others sell them).
I'd throw the Marantz SR-9200 and B&K AVR307 (discounted/used) into the fray. They are at a similar price point as the 4802 and they both offer multizone capability. I recommended the SR-9200 for a friend's theater that I helped outfit, and it was a bonus that another buddy of mine is a Marantz dealer. I am a B&K owner (Ref30), so I am a bit biased there. I think both the Marantz and B&K would have a bit stronger amp section. IMHO of course.

The other thing to consider is a remote with RF capability so you can control things from anywhere. I have the Marantz RC5200 and the RF extender. It works great. The RC5200/RC9200 are nicer than the Philips ProntoPro counterparts because they have more hard buttons and more available screen area.

- Dieter
The Denon 4802's remote also has RF capability, but it cost's an extra $80 for the RF base / charger. Why are you looking for alternatives to the 4802? It's a great receiver and a worthy addition to anyone's HT....
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