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hi folks,

I'm having a little trouble disentangling the various threads about Harmony vs other IR blasters and hoping someone can help me make sense of my options.

I got a Harmony Hub as a way of controlling my various IR-only devices (TV, soundbar, HDMI matrix, projector screen) via Alexa and/or my iPhone. The iPhone app is so terrible, however, that it's driving me kind of bananas to set everything up. I'm finding it really hard to believe that this is the best option out there, so I'm hoping I am missing something. Can anyone help me figure out any of the following?

  1. Does Harmony Elite come with better software options for programming and/or connecting with Alexa? It looks like the same lousy iOS app.
  2. Any rumor on whether Logitech plans to update the Mac app to actually work with Catalina and beyond, or is Mac desktop support dead?
  3. Any other options for programming the Harmony Hub that don't rely on the lousy app?
  4. Any other options out there that I somehow totally missed? I looked at Broadlink but landed on Harmony because it seemed like people had even more gripes about the Broadlink's reliability. I'm still within the return window for the Harmony so happy to try a different solution altogether.
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