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Aluminium frame instead of wood for screen?

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I would need a 100" screen. I'm based in Italy but I'm learning a lot from this forum!
It seems the cheaper way to get a proper screen is to DIY with wood.
I'm not good at DIY and I don't have any tools for DIY for wood... and it seems to me that it takes a lot of craftsmanship, time and right materials to make a proper one...

I see there are some aluminum alloy frames (+screen) that don't cost a fortune. Example:


1) is this screen going to be much worse than a "nice" screen? "treated room" (sliding black curtains on top and side)
2) could the frame be used in the future with a different screen? It seems I could fit some small wood to staple it along the aluminum bars or even re-create the holes as in the original:
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You could probably make a pretty good wood frame with some patience, though the extruded aluminum is likely going to be better. Also, I'm not sure how wood prices are in Italy right now, but in the US where I live, it might cost nearly as much to make it out of wood as it would to buy that one. An aluminum frame has a few advantages: the screen is manufactured to fairly precise dimensions; aluminum won't warp if it isn't sealed properly, and it should be straight right out of the box; it is lightweight and very rigid.

As far as the material goes, many manufacturers sell material-only options, so you could pretty easily change out the fabric later, or attempt to make your own to fit. I'm not sure whether this particular company provides material-only options, but all of the companies I have bought from do.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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