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Am i getting the best PQ from my setup ?

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I've had the following setup for around a year

4:3 7' screen

Compaq MP1600 XGA DLP projector (no 16:9 function)

HTPC 933Mhz, 256Mb, Matrox G400Max, SB1024Live, Pioneer 104s, WinDVD3.0, win98SE (although i might play with XP), DVD genie

I'm located in the UK and as such mainly play PAL discs but have some NTSC disc too

I run a 1024x768 @ 75hz refresh resolution, i use the PC machine only for Films and all are widescreen

i've heard talk about Powerstrip and YXY software to get custom resolutions etc, will using these apps offer me any advantage with my hardware over what i'm currenlty doing ?

I hope i've provided all the info in order for someone to repsond


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Hi, custom resolution are totally useless with a fixed matrix panel projector. The only resolution you can use is only 1024 *768, some crazy people has achieved a 1027*576 inscribed in a 1024*768 resolution.

What you can do is modify the refresh rate to 72 or 60 Hz and check some slow pan on a movie to see if the pan is smooth and interruption-free.

YXY, i use it mainly to position the image at the bottom of the screen in order to mask the upper part with a small shield near the lens. I found no othe use for a DLP.

Ah, yes. I also had a G400, changing it to a Radeon VE gave me the biggest improvement since the advent of Dscaler.

Couple the RadeonVE with a dvd player that has Hardware support to radeon (Cinemaster, Cineplayer, WinDVD 3.1) and you will have a new better Projector.

Have fun
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So moving from my old Matrox G400Max to one of the ATI Radeons

would be a worthwhile improvment in terms of crisp Picture quality

and motion smoothness?


for the purpose of HTPC are all radeon variants the same performance (i only play films on my machine)

if so i'll go for the cheapest.


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I've now read a FAQ and buyers guide for HTPC owners looking at Radeon,

the advice was not to got for the VE (too cut-down) but go for the LE (can't find them for sale any more in the UK)

so the next one up with DVI is the 64MB DDR Radeon at around 150UKP

can anyone comfirm the VE version thing please


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Really don't need to buy anything more expensive than a VE. Only if you are an hard-core 3d gamer it could make sense to buy a full radeon. The VE has dual display with dvi HWMC and the best overlay quality i've ever seen.

simply go for it

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