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Am I in trouble????

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I have had my xbox for 2 weeks and every once in a while a message comes up while playing gears, its says "disc unreadable"

What is this all about?
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remove, blow on cartridge, reinsert ;-)

that happens to me every once and a while in multiplayer. you can probably chalk it up at "s$%t happens", but hey, exchange it if you're getting worried. Either way, you still have the year warrenty
I recently got my xbox also and for some reason it looked like it was scratching games just by playing them (and no the console didnt move at all and was perfectly level)

It turns out it was not scratching the disks, it was just putting some weird marks on the disks that could be wiped off with a little alcohol and a soft cloth.

After a while, whatever the disks were rubbing against was gone and it stopped it, so i dunno what the heck it was
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Originally Posted by FootballDen /forum/post/0

I have had my xbox for 2 weeks and every once in a while a message comes up while playing gears, its says "disc unreadable"

What is this all about?

I have this EXACT same problem sometimes whether or not I'm playing online or the campaign. I have just been shutting down the console and restarting it. That seems to remove the problem for a few weeks until it acts up again.
I have that problem too. Called MS and they said to send it in. I bought it at Sam's club so I'm going to call them and see if they'll exchange it, because I don't really want to be without it for an extended period of time. Sometimes the audio drops out on me as well...very annoying.
I think this is a GOW thing more than a console problem. I've never gotten that error with any game but Gears and it's happened with 3 different copies for me (rented it a couple of times before I bought it).

Happens with my bought copy once in a while.....in all modes for me. I just take the disc out, power down the console and start up and put the disc back in and I'm good to go for a long time.
it is GOW but it could also be a counsole problem as well

if you remember Oblivion had problems as well and I have had a lot and I mean a lot or 360's in my house something like 100 or more

M$ said just play 3 games or hold the A button down and it would fix it. For the most part it did but what I found out is that if you have a XBOX 360 made before march 2006 and had a toshiba/samsung DVD drive in it and a HD attached (no problems with the memory card) this wouldn't work at all

M$ gave me the same crap about I cant open up the xbox or bla bla bla what ever

I am a hacker so sue me M$
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