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Am I making this too complicated?

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I have a Sammy 650 in transit and am planning on using it for both my PC and PS3. My PC has a Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinum and I'm looking to take advantage of it as I use my headphones 99.99% of the time. I'd like to have the sound the PS3 outputs go through the PC as well. The X-Fi Platinum has Optical In/Out.

I was thinking it'd go something like this:

* Computer: DVI->HDMI (Adapter) ---to---> HDMI1 (TV)

The audio stays on the PC and the TV acts as a huge monitor at this point... right (I know the answer is yes but something is bound to go wrong at some point)?

* PS3: HDMI ---to---> HDMI2 (TV)

* PS3: Optical Out ---to---> Optical In (Computer)

Will the PS3 know to split the audio off from the HDMI to go into my computer? If so, and the audio goes into the computer, what will I have to do, if anything, to focus only that sound into my headphones? Just mute the PC?

I apologize if this is a crack in the nuts kind of thinking already to some but I do appreciate any kind of feedback on the matter.
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I think for a dvi to hdmi (with the Sammy 650) you HAVE to go to HDMI2.

Your connections above look good. Since I don't own one, I am not sure about the ps3 splitting sound, but you can also go hdmi in to the Sammy then optical out from the Sammy in case the splitting doesn't work.
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