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so i hooked up my ps3 and my denon 1909 and i am wondering if it is set up the right way.

i have my ps3 set to lpcm, but i do not see a mutil-channel light coming up on my receiver.

only lights that come up are: dig with a square around it, dolby plII cinema, audyssey multi eq, hdmi, and auto..

i thought i read somewhere it was supposed to display muti channel in or something.



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your PS3 is sending 2-channel PCM. problems like this 99% of the time are an issue with the SOURCE, not the receiver. All the Denon does is play what you give it.

Do these two things on the PS3 in the settings:

1. go into the "Video Settings", scroll down to "BD/DVD Audio Output (HDMI)" and make sure it is set on Linear PCM (I assume you have already done this since it's outputting 2-channel)

2. next, scroll down to "Sound Settings", then select that and go to "Audio Output Settings", and when prompted confirm that you are connected via HDMI and let it Auto-detect what your 1909 will support. It will pop up a list of supported audio formats (everything up to PCM 7.1).

now you should be good to go.

you can also look at the display and see how many boxes are lit up on the left to confirm that you are getting everything. There should be 5.1 or 7.1 boxes on the left (depending on the soundtrack). While watching the movie, hit "select" on the PS3 controller to call up the info display and confirm that you are outputting the right audio track.

If everything is working right, the Denon will say "MULTI CH IN" for a 5.1 setup and "MULTI CH IN + PLIIx" for a 7.1 setup.
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