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Hi there.:D

In May of the last year a friend and I, began to see the

possibility to get in to a DIY integral proyect.

The development of the loudspeakers, was in charge of Mikel.

I was in charge of the acoustic improvement of the rooms, the acoustic treatment accesories, racks, stands, etc.

Our first objective was to make a versatile system, that had optimal performance in stereo, home theater and multichannel audio.

Based on audiofile criteria, we decided do that without the active SubWoofers, redirecting the LFE channel for home theater and multichannel audio, to the full range; main channels.

This 5.0(for DTS, DD, and DVD-A), or 6.0(DTS-ES or DD-EX)full range configurations, are based on which each active channel, will be in charge of two designed pieces to operate in joint .

Each full range channel, its conformed by two pieces, a passive SW, and a bookshelf loudspeaker.

The decision to design two separated boxes, was with the aim to facilitate the acoustic optimization of the room.

For the design of the 12â€passive subwoofers, we decide to choose a passive radiator configuration, instead of popular bass reflex or vented configs.

Take a look, to some pictures:

The compact passive SW, called TRONADOR. (one 12" driver, and two 12"RPs).

The full size passive SW, called LANIN (one 12" driver, one 12" RP).

The center channel, called Catedral (, two 6†heavy midwoofers, and a ½†super tweeter, all transducers are magnetically shielded)

And finally the compact satellite, called Aconcagua ( one 6†heavy midwoofer, and a ½†super tweeter).

All the transducers, are maded of polypropylene,and they have high sensitivity ratings, 93dB.

Every box is built with 22mm high density MDF, the 6 faces are 45º assembled, with internal braces, and with the best handmade finishes.

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Extra pics.


Now, we`ve dicided to take a step futher, so we are working on, two new models.

Here they are.

The two pieces full range tower, and the two pieces full range center.

The full range, 3way tower is composed by, a piramidal satellite, with two tweeters (one on the front, and the other one on de back) and a 6"1/2 midwoofer, on the top;and a passive radiator SubWoofer, with 12" driver, and a 12" RP, on the bottom.


(the flush mount for the midwoofer it is not done, yet)

There will be two version of it, one with convetional Xover, and the other designed for biamplification, with an hibryd 3way crossover, an active 18db X-over (3rd order Butterworth), for the low cross(250hz), and a passive for the high cross (4500hz).

These babes are huge, 90lbs, 15"W x 50"H x 16.5"D, and they`ll be 8 Ohms and 95db of sensitivity, also.

They`re going to be hig gloss black lacquered finished.

We are still working on the center.;)

What do you think?:confused:

Argentina, has had a long tradition at HIGH END audio, and our idea is to continue it.

I´ll post, some info about the development of accoustics treatment accesories,for our project; next time.;)
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