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I've narrowed this problem down to one thing. It's complicated to explain, so please bear with me. Then, please let me know if you can think of a possible solution.


1) TiVo: Composite Video & Optical Digital Audio outputs ==> Yamaha RX-V373: **AV4(TV)** Composite Video and Optical Digital Audio inputs

2) Yamaha RX-V373: Composite **Monitor Out** & Analog R/L **Audio Out** outputs ==> Sharp AQUOS LC80LE642 TV: **Video 1** Composite & Analog R/L Audio inputs

3) WMC: HDMI Video & Analog R/L Audio outputs ==> Yamaha RX-V373: **HDMI1** Video input and **Audio1** Analog R/L Audio inputs

4) Yamaha RX-V373: **HDMI Out** ==> Sharp AQUOS LC80LE642 TV: **HDMI1** input

5) Yamaha RX-V373: 5 surround sound speakers

6) Sharp AQUOS LC80LE642 TV: I don't think it has any internal speakers


A) To watch TiVo: Press Yamaha RX-V373 "TV" button, which switches input to **AV4(TV)** (connection #1 ). This forwards picture to TV (connection #2 ) and sound out speakers (connection #5 ). Also switch TV to **Video 1** (connection #1 ).

B) To watch WMC: Switch Yamaha RX-V373 input to **HDMI1** (connection #3 ). Switch TV to **HDMI1** input (connection #3 ). Also must go into OPTIONS menu of Yamaha RX-V373 and change "Audio In" from **HDMI1** to **Audio1**.


i) Before connecting the HDMI stuff, I had watching the TiVo working (operation #A ). I could see picture and hear sound.

ii) I connected the HDMI stuff, and could see picture but not hear sound. I researched and did the OPTIONS thing. Now I can see picture and hear sound. (operation #B )

iii) However, I then went back to watching TiVo (operation #A ) and while I could see picture, I could no longer hear sound.

iv) The only changes I made between (scenario #i ) and (scenario #i i) was to plug the two HDMI cables into the Yamaha V-373 (connections #3 & #4 ) as well as configure the OPTIONS.

v) After trial and error, I discovered that = =MERELY= = unplugging the **HDMI Out** cable from the Yamaha V-373 (severing connection #4 ) = =AND= = pressed the Yamaha "TV" button again, sound returns for watching the TiVo. If I plug the **HDMI Out** cable back into the Yamaha V-373 (restoring connection #4 ), then the TiVo sound goes away. This = =SHOULD= = have no effect. The Yamaha V-373 is current configured for **AV4(TV)** input. Both video and sound come into it there. Under that condition, why should plugging and unplugging the televisionyamaha connection have any impact? Do note that I tried undoing the OPTIONS setting I made, but it didn't help. Also, of those three changes (scenario #i v), unplugging the **HDMI1** input (connection #3 ) of de-configuring tat OPTION didn't help. It's = =STRICTLY= = related to the **HDMI Out** (connection #4 ).

WHAT's UP WITH THAT? How might I fix or get around this? It seems like the Yamaha V-373 is confused. Can I configure it out of this? Do I need to go through funnier undulations like going into the TV first and then from that to the Yamaha? Since the Yamaha won't up-sample or convert the Composite Video signal to HDMI, there's no solution there (and no excuse for the problem.)

Thanks in advance for your help.
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