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amarra 4

Amarra sounds well...this i universally known and i have to state this too!....But....the price to pay for the Amarra sound is too high ,and i do not mean in money cost, but i term of your life and mind health safety !
1 Attack to your health: theref are enormous bugs that risk to lead you out of your mind! it takes hours to scan your folders ,then when you have lost all that time waiting well then ....when you restart the program, you will find 102 ,or none at all, of the 2500 albums you have!! saving sometimes works and sometimes crashes....times to do any operation are very ,very, very huge
2 attack: The library management is almost not existing!you do not find anything at all in the great mess created by A4! if you have a large library, and i believe that liquid music audiophiles almost always got a large library, you are completely lost!Nothing to see with Audirvana (that have just purchased after a desperate further essay to work with A4) lib management that allows you to do anything you want to do with files and albums, and above all it does everything automatically inn real time!)
there are other gaps that now i don't remember, but believe me, they are many!
Now i wonder if at the sonic studio they think to what are they doing while programming their products! They seems to be so concentrated to give a great sound and so they forget any other necessity for program to work friendly! but does they realize that they build a Ferrari car with the motor of a little 50 scooter!?!and that a player is done yes of good vibrations but also by accesibility by the poor little final user as me
Sonic studio is famous for generating troubles in their players and Amarra 4 does not make an exception at all.
do not buy it now but wait further better releases that i hope will arrive very soon,but knowing Sonic studio , you gotta wait years!
ciao a tutti
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