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Amazing first impression 4805!!!

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I Just received my 4805 today and i'm blown away by the picture quality!!!

I didn't buy a screen yet so i'm projecting on a light green wall and i could not believe how nice the picture is with animation movies.

When trying out spider man i had a very nice picture but the colors weren't perfect until i projected the picture on my white ceiling.

The picture quality at 63" was on par with any plasma screen i have ever seen!!

I was thinking about buying a Panasonic 700 for three times the price here in Canada so i'm greatfull to all you AVS members for guiding me to wards the 4805.I'm very picky when it comes to picture quality,i've sold tv's for ten years of my life.I coudn't be happier and more impressed.

The Panasonic ae700 had verticle banding that i coudn't accept.Now after owning a 4805 i wouln't be able to trade it at par for a Panasonic ae 700.
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Sounds like you're pretty excited. Wait until you have a real screen!

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