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Amazon Ace Digital Club?

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Amazon Ace Digital is offering an HV20+accessories pack that seems pretty good. Won't state the price, but anyone can go to Amazon and search. The one I refer to includes five tapes, an extra battery pack, colored gels, a wide angle and telephoto lens, a couple of tripods, and a bag. Plus some other minor stuff.

Anyway, my question is really: is this place sketchy? I called their main 888 number listed at Amazon and got a voice message stating that they were closed for the next two days and to place orders at Amazon instead. The message promises to respond to orders once they reopen.

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I was wondering that too when I recently ordered from Amazon. Even though I couldn't research any feedback, I took the plunge anyway and ordered a portable XM radio from Ace Digital through Amazon. It arrived quickly, as described, and without a hitch. I hope you will have similar luck.
I just ordered from them last week to get their HV20 and "Deluxe" accessory kit package. I placed the order with Amazon last Saturday the 19th and UPS delivered the package from Ace Digital on Thursday evening the 24th. The "Expedited" shipping seems to be UPS 3-Day Select. Now, a couple of comments: The order arrived without all accessories. The 43-52 step-up ring and the two Sony DVM63HD tapes were back-ordered. Without the step-up ring, the included wide-angle lens and telephoto lens are currently useless (unless I'm missing something really obvious). Also, their mini-tripod is the smallest tripod I've ever seen (only slightly bigger than my index finger). I haven't taken the large tripod out of the box yet. The camcorder seems great so far. The box the camcorder came in seems pretty plain (it's just white and red with various logos, and it says "HV20 KIT" in big letters). I guess I was expecting a more colorful box--not sure if the "KIT" designates this is an OEM package deal or what. I have no idea when the back-ordered parts will arrive (probably not in time for my Alaskan Cruise vacation starting June 1st)--I haven't tried to call them yet. The emails from Amazon and Ace never mentioned that some portions were back-ordered.

So--except for the back-ordered parts, I'm pleased so far. The equipment is great and it arrived pretty fast.
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