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Originally Posted by jefejt  /t/1471717/amazon-prime-video#post_23288779

I use amazon prime streaming video service. My roku has a great interface, my HTPC not so much. Is there a plug in for WMC or some other option?

There used to be (as in, some other option). I run XBMC Eden version 11 in WMC under Extras (I think I used Re-Launch) with the Quartz skin stripped down to basically just the Addons and XBMC Settings as a replacement for the WMC Internet TV app that went away. (you can also install Navi-X) There's a repository for XBMC from a guy called Bluecop that has some very nice apps for Amazon and Hulu (free). it worked great for over a year, then Amazon implemented Flash Access DRM when they released their pilots last month that broke the app for all Linux, Android, and Windows users. As a Prime subscriber I was locked out of watching my purchased videos unless I hooked a laptop to the TV and used a browser (not very acceptable). All that being said, there is a fairly transparent workaround now that redirects the Amazon video selection in the app from the XBMC native player to Firefox running in full screen kiosk mode. The video quality is not as good as the XBMC player but it's fairly seamless and works well enough for now. You do need to map an ALT-F4 key on your remote to close the Firefox window and take you back to XBMC. Here's a link to the workaround and a couple of others for a running history on what went on. Amazon is locking down their video service and basically telling the people they impacted "Sorry about your luck, buy a Kindle HD or a Roku". I'd personally get the Vizio Co-Star because it does the apps as an overlay on WMC. Panasonic has a new streamer that does Miracast and is Viera capable, model # DMP-MS10. It currently doesn't have the Amazon app but is advertised to be compatible and "coming soon". Gareth Barr's app is a work in progress but looks promising.

It's too bad as I used to have a nice all in one DVR / Internet streamer appliance. I'm going to hate having to add another box and remote. I recommend you install XBMC stand alone on a separate computer and play around with the Bluecop app till you get it the way you want it before putting it on your HTPC. Besides the DRM aspect I suspect that Amazon charges some kind of minimal fee for app access and Roku or somebody complained that XBMC wasn't paying (or JB thought he didn't have enough of your money). Hope this helped, rant out.

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