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You break them in to get the plasma fluids equally synchronized and properly aligned.

I hung mine (plasma) on the wall and said to hell with it. It can break in on someone else's dime, as my electricity bill is already through the roof.

Enjoy your set.


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The idea of a break-in period for a plasma is to reduce the chance of IR within the first 100-200 hours of use.

The phosphorous gas in a brand new plasma burns at it's hottest for the first 100-200 hours, so any static image (such as a station emblem or video game HUD) will produce IR much more quickly and noticeably compared to a plasma that has a few hundred hours of use on it.

First thing is first.......Image Retention IS NOT Image Burn-In.

Image Retention (or ghosting as I call it) is just a ghost image of a static picture that WILL GO AWAY after a certain time (usually less then 5 minutes for any plasma I have ever had).

Second, Break-In is not necessary. Merely watching the TV in full 16:9 picture settings or Wide Zoom picture settings (any setting where the image takes up the whole screen) through a source where a certain image will not be static on the screen (I.E. - not moving) will be just fine.

Break-In is just done by the severely paranoid, or those people who intend on calibrating their TV to the utmost degree and want to break-in the phosphorous gases quicker/in a more even matter.

Again...break-in IS NOT NECESSARY.

Just make sure to watch full screen movies/tv shows for the first 100 hours or so, and keep gaming at a minimum.

If you do game within the first 100 hours, you will notice image retention of stationary images (such as the HUD)....this retention will go away once a full screen image is played for a few minutes.

Nothing to worry about.
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