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My current box for Amazon VOD is a 2009 Panasonic Blu-ray (DMP-BD60). One of the selling points for me was the Amazon VOD as an alternative to PPV. It 'works' but I am wondering if the user interface on different boxes provides a different and/or better use experience.

For example, if I want to rent a new release then it will bring up 12 box covers for 12 movies but they are not all new releases. Or at least they are not new releases like you would expect if you visited a video store. Maybe a movie like Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is new to the Amazon VOD shelves; but I shouldn't have to sort through a bunch of old movies to find a newer one. It has similar problems with browsing by genre. Browsing 'Horror' brings up dramas and even kids movies which are not even close.

One item of note is that under the Amazon VOD logo it says "beta".

So let me know your experiences with other boxes; is it similar, better, worse? I can find loads of opinions on the Netflix UI of different boxes but very little talk of Amazon's UI
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