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My theater is fully light controlled, with dark charcoal ceiling, sidewalls, and front wall, white trim and a sea foam green carpet, viewing an RS45 with short throw to a 120" wide 2.40 Centerstage XD screen from 10' away.

The light carpet is surely a distraction in my field of vision when the light bounces off it. Placing an ottoman in front of the couch eliminates the distraction of the light carpet in front of the screen. I'm contemplating building a very wide ottoman to further eliminate the floor being lit up by the scren in my field of vision.

If I could effectively block all the carpet out of my field of vision with a massive black footrest, it seems to me like that would be a significant improvement over my current situation.

I know that adding dark carpet to the room would be ideal, as far as picture quality is concerned, but right now with the screen up and the windows open, the room has a light feel with the light carpet, even with all the charcoal everywhere else.

I'm hoping that just the ottoman would get me most of the way there, without turning the room into a true bat cave.

What do you think, will taking the carpet out of sight with the ottoman get me almost all the way there towards max contrast on the screen, or will the light carpet still be a significant detriment to on-screen contrast even though the area being brightly lit up by the screen is completely out of my field of vision?

Thanks. Zac.
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