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Ambush is not easy!

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When the original Ghost Recon came out for the X-box the hardest map in the game was Mountain. We always play in the most difficult mode, but this doesn't mean we are elite--just thick headed enough to take a beaten and keep on figting.

Well, it was no surprise that come GR2 that Ambush is turning out to be our new mountain. Even in simple terrorist hunt this one isn't for the timid. I swear the game plays harder when 2 vs. 3 are playing against the AI. You wouldn't think a difference of one would make, but so be it.

Does anyone have a strategy for this map in GR2?
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Ok, so the title probably could have been more informational. My bad. There were 45 views and I guess every one of them were from people not having played GR2 or thought this was about a new game.
I thought it was some sort of homosexual fantasy and was disappointed to find out it was merely about GR2. Sigh.
My post won't help your question, but maybe you can help me. :)

My buddy and I spent hours playing the GR2 demo (fantastic), and noted two things that have kept me from buying the game.

a) On the mission map, where you rescue the downed helo pilot, no matter how fast we tried to get to him, he'd get killed before we could rescue him, which ended the mission. He would sometimes last 2 minutes, sometimes 5, sometimes 10, but no matter what we tried, we couldn't get to him in time. Any reason why this was/is?

b) On the recon map, everytime we started, we would recon the 1st zone. The moment we fired, everyone from the entire map would flood in. We'd kill them all, and then be able to recon every other position without anyone left alive. Is this fixed in the full game, or will patrols leave their recon zones and rush when they hear gunfire?


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JR, IIRC the problem in that mission was that you want one of your teammates to latch onto the pilot and not let him near the other players. The problem was that the pilot would follow whomever got closest to him and this could spell doom if the straggler was defending the rest of the team. Haven'y played that mission (in co-op) in a while though.

Ok, I have not played any recon-style rounds, but I know exactly what you mean. There is a map (other than Ambush) that we never have left our spawn point because there is always an AI opportnuity near by and if we get spotted (impossible not to) or we open fire at him the round turns into a pseudo-defend game.

While we've won that map, it leave little fun in exploring the map while taking care of business.

nothru22, go back into your closet, please.
Thanks for the response Ferret. Once I get to the pilot, I'll know what to do. My problem is I can't even get to him in time. :(

I'll probably go ahead and buy the game, even with the frustrastions, it is still enjoyable. :)

Really? Hmm, I've played that mission 5 or 6 times and in a couple of them it was bad before terrible. When you first spot trouble (before it spots you), do you engage or avoid? Also, this is you and one other player, correct? I usually will play with 5-6 teammates, but I have played with four human players on this map. You playnig it on Difficult (hard) mode?

I know this game plays different in difficulty depending on the number of humans playing against the AI, but usually 2-player is pretty easy. We also skirted the map perimeter and held quiet if trouble crossed out paths.
I've tried it a few ways. Lone Wolf, AI teammates, and 2 of us on co-op. Now that I think of it, we've always engaged before we get to the pilot. We attempted to skirt around the eastern side of the map, but no matter what we did, we'd eventually be spotted and be forced to engage.

We tried to go North/North West on the map, which triggers an event (artillery is sent in to clear out most of the troops), but even then we were engaged before we could cross over the street.

I'll give it a shot again tonight, attempt to keep quiet, and see how that goes. :)

Its good if one of you are a sniper as that person has a much greater view. And I would seek to avoid confrontation.

BTW, on the last version of GR the POW map always screwed me. I played it more than 50-times and never succeeded. I did this to practice so that when I played it in co-op mode with my friends I would be familiar with it. It took us 14 tries one night before we won.
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