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Hello again, all - A couple months back I posted an inquiry into this unit, wondering how it compared to the Nintaus, the Skyworth, and the other handful of VGA-enabled prog scan DVD players out there. Nobody seemed to have any experience with it, but considering the comparison between price and availability between the Amoisonic and the rest of the herd, it was worth the risk to me to go ahead and buy one.

Mine has long since arrived and been connected to my theater. Everyone I know who wanted one has gotten theirs, so I can post this review, which will not be complete; feel free to ask me questions and I'll attempt to answer.

Mine came branded "conia" which is also the brand in the software and manuals. The back of the chassis says "adam." They are purchased from amoisonic's US office in LA. I understand Amoisonic is a fairly large presence in mainland china; my conversations with them indicate they would like to sell in the US as well, eventually. The box itself is silver; amoisonic's website says they're available in silver, bronze, or black but a friend of mine attempted to order one in black and discovered that those are the colors available if you order a container's worth of units, so his is silver, too.

I popped open the hood and took some pictures which weren't downloaded by my secretary. I could take more if there's any interest. The deinterlacer chip is a Zoran Vaddis IV. The transport is generic and didn't look like a ROM drive to me.

I've verified that it will play VCD's, SVCD's and CD's. for some reason the transport doesn't like CD's and it'll skip all over the place. However, I've probably put 40 DVD's through it by now and it's skipped on me maybe 5 times. As shipped it was not region-free; however, a simple hack code easily found through any rudimentary net search (hint hint) soon solved that problem and it's happily playing region-3 DVD's in addition to whatever I rent down the street.

It will play NTSC and PAL discs. It will output either. Setup options are english, french and german. I should mention now that the manual is a good deal better written and more useful than I would have anticipated.

It has aspect ratio control in the setup, but I don't really know what it does; the switcher on my DP-1200 seems to be more clever than it and adapts to whatever the DVD8000 outputs.

The prog scan can be either YUV or RGBHV but not both. Activating the YUV gives you green and green only on the VGA plug. I didn't notice any chroma bug, but then I'm usually converging the last few smidgeons out of my projector anyway and am more likely to blame my bad convergence job than the DVD player. We plugged it into a computer monitor and it looked really really good with the video essentials test disc in. We certainly didn't notice any scan line shift as is reported with the Nintaus.

Digitally, the 8000 will pass DTS and Dolby Digital. On the analog side of things, DD can also be output on the 6 analog jacks. DTS cannot, apparently (I don't use them; I suspect my receiver has better d/a's). Audio can be sent to the 2 channel RCA jacks, the 6 channel RCA jacks, the SPDIF jacks, or forced to a stereo PCM mix on the SPDIF jacks.

The remote control does kinda suck range and response wise. The layout could be better, too... but you get a whole buncha buttons for not a whole lotta money. A moot point as I bought one of the TC1000's JBL is blowing out on Ebay right now for like 70 bucks. Reduced the remote farm from 9 to 1... I can even converge the projector with it.

When playing CD's or VCD's the audio has a 10 band graphic EQ that can be adjusted. It actually does something.

Tetris goes too fast and doesn't change enough. Othello is pretty useful for when the movie you're watching because your friends said "you have to see this!" and they're not around gets too boring. You can still say you watched it (albeit through an othello board). I haven't checked out the Karaoke functions, nor do I plan to.

I don't feel comfortable stating what I paid for this unit on a net forum; I will say that I couldn't buy an entry-level Sony at Best Buy for the money. It cost ten dollars shipped UPS (Chino to Seattle). A very nice lady named Rebecca Xie will answer your emails to rebecca_xie (at) amoisonic.com or usoffice (at) amoisonic.com.

Rebecca Xie

Marketing Supervisor

Amoisonic Electronic Inc.

14144 Central Ave., Unit A

Chino, CA 91710

She takes paypal and shipped our units within a day of receiving payment. It was nice to send paypal on Monday and have a DVD player to play with on Friday.

I wanted a region-free progressive scan DVD player with RGBHV output to connect to my projector. I also wanted it cheap, since my entire home theater to date has cost me less than a grand. The Amoisonic fits the bill perfectly, even if it says it's a Conia. I heartily recommend this player, especially since you could get a few of them for what the nintaus or skyworths are going for (especially considering shipping costs).

This forum was invaluable in my research. I hope my information can be as useful to someone else as this forum was to me.

Seth Talley
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