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Hi all.

I'm looking for advice building a system centred around a record player. I've been able to listen to all the individual items I'm considering, but have no way to listen to them at once, seeing as they are all at separate stores (boo!). I'd love your opinions on an integrated amp. I'm looking at a Rotel RA-1520 and a Marantz PM8003.

I'll be going with either Monitor Audio RX-2's or RX-6's, a rega p3-24 with TT-PSU and a Dynavector 10x5. Seeing as this is all for the record player, the phono stage in any integrated is obviously key, and this is what is holding me up. I've read lots of reviews on both, but nothing that specifically discusses the quality of the phono stages in a comparison. Do any of you have experience with one or both of these amps, ideally with your record player?

A little bit more. The setup will be in my condo. Reasonable sized room, and reasonably sound-proofed building. However, I will need to limit my listening volume to mid levels. I'm willing to buy used, but there isn't much of a selection where I am, so it's far more likely I'll be buying new.

Any advice in regards to the amp(yes, including other possible options too) is appreciated. But please keep in mind my budget (app $1000 canadian) and my requirements (integrated, and good phono stage). Thanks in advance!!

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