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amp for usher s-520?

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Let's say I'm looking to buy the usher audio s-520s and the NAD c325BEE integrated amp.

In the first setup, I'm going to hook it up to our normal dvd player, vcr, and an amp+mixer karaoke machine to the c324bee. Is the NAD going to be enough quality to fully use teh usher audio s-520s?


I'd like to hook this up to my computer (assuming the speakers and integrated amp work well together), which uses an audigy2 zs sound card. Is this going to sound like crap? I'm thinking about hooking up the integrated amp to the optical out of the creative panel..

any comments? better ideas? Are there better sound cards to get for this? Would it be better to just buy a good cd player?

btw, my comp uses windows vista home premium.. which could encounter driver problems for certain sound cards.
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I used to own the Usher 520 together with the NAD C320 BEE amp. And I used to hook it up to a computer as well. =) I think it sound very nice at that time. I was using an M-Audio revolution at that time. I am not sure about your amp but does your support optical in? If your amp doesn't support optical in, then I think you will need a better soundcard to get better sound from your setup.

Currently I am using the Onkyo SE200 on Vista Ultimate. Not the cheapest option but it is the best sounding soundcard I've heard so far. I've been through SB Live!, SB Audigy, Terratec Aureon, M-Audio Revolution and SE 90. I think Onkyo SE 200 is worth every penny that I've spent on it. You might want to take a look at it here http://www.geekstuff4u.com/product_i...roducts_id=446

With a good soundcard, and your setup, I think you will just love the sound of it. =)

Edit: I've just checked through the NAD website. Your amp doesn't support optical in so I don't think you would have any luck trying to connect your Audigy optical out to the amp. You would need to use a mini-plug to RCA cable to use your Audigy. You might be interested in visiting http://www.head-fi.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=59 for more information about using computer source.

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I am running mine bi-amped with the amazing Panasonic XR-57. Damn good sound for what it cost. I paid $500 total for the amp and the speakers lol.
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