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Amp: Good Match For My Thiel 2.3's...?

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Anyone have suggestions on what would be a good match, sonically, to my Thiel's .... I have a Pass Labs X150 now, I wonder how a tube would sound, or maybe a D-class amp (as they probably sound the same as the volume goes up, unlike class A/B amps)..... The Theil's have a wonderful tone to the bass, the thought of a D-class amp seems like it would be great for the bass, but will the mids/highs be up to par, compared to my Pass? Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks!
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Anyone? If you have 2.3's, what amp(s) are you using? How does it/they sound?
I currently use a Krell kav-2250 with my 2.3s and like it quite a bit. The space, imaging and bass is gorgeous. In my previous apartment which had hardwood floors and a complete wall of windows this combo had some issues but I'm not sure any amp would have helped with Thiels in that environment.

I have carpeted floors in my new place and that tamed things nicely along with some more dry wall and "stuff" on it instead of glass windows. I auditioned a Linn Chakra C2200 with some 2.4s and the detail was incredible but I was concerned about it's ability to really push the Thiels in a home theater setting and the dealer didn't have any first hand experience so I passed.

If you look at the Chakra keep in mind the quoted 200 watt rating is into 4 ohms which isn't obvious when you're just given the rating and it's not specified.

It's probably been over a year since I listened to the Chakra and there are a lot more in that class to choose from now. I compared the Chakra to the Rotel 1077 (I think it was) on the 2.4s and although the Rotel sounded good it wasn't quite up to the Chara in the bass and detail.

I have a Sunfire Cinema from years gone by and it does a passable job but I wouldn't rate it any higher than the Rotel I auditioned.
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