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I have a 400Watt AMP which I am trying to connect to my computer using a Car Battery.. I know I have the wiring on correctly however when connecting the remote wire to the +12V all that happens is the power light flickers on and then turns back off? The FIRST time I put the AMP together I saw a little spark when connecting the wire and then never seen it since.

Ones it went into protect mode but then shut of again? Am I doing something wrong? I know one thing which is the AMP itself is 40A and the fuse which is in the wire is 60A does this make a difference?


Someone told me the car battery is weak so I am going to try another battery which is on charge at the moment.. Fingers crossed that might work. The fuse's are not blown.. I have put the cables on 3/4 times now :/ with no difference made.

Thank You.. Please reply!!!! 
  Need urgent help 
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