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So, i'm all set finally. Just ordered the Emotiva DMC-1 to go along with my Bel Canto amps. I ended up with an EVO 6 & an EVO 4. 10 channels at 125 wpc or since they're dual mono design, 5 channels at 400 wpc. Using my JVC reciever and single ended inputs, I have to turn the reciever almost up very high. There's alot of base hum/hiss. I will be using the XLR's when I get the DMC-1.

What are your thoughts on set-up? Just bridge the fronts, none, just try it all out? Bi-wiring, Bi-Amping.

I'm a little overwhelmed as I become more and more addicted.

Piano 3200

Momistsu V880

Bel Canto EVO 4 gen II

Bel Canto EVO 6 gen II

B&W 605 frt (130wpc mid subs)

B&W LCR 600 ctr

B&W 602 III surr

HSU VTF 3HO w/turbo
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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