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Amp recommendation for lower listening levels?

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I’ve fairly neutral speakers, were the bass, mids and highs are well balanced. I need a neutral milti-channel amp for both 2-channel music and hometheater use.

What amp would your recommend for low level listening that will sound dynamic, engaging, well balanced and at the same time very musical. For example I really wanted to like Cary Cinema 5, its bass /mid-bass response was excellent with plenty of impact. However, when I auditioned it with my speakers, the amp’s highs were too rolled-off for my taste during the low level listening session. I was looking at EAD, but now they’re out business. There are plenty of multi-channel amps out there, but most of them are too bright with lots of sibilance.

In the previous posts, I’ve read that Gemstone sounds very good at low levels, however will it emphasize sibilance at the higher levels. Has anyone compared it to the BelCanto eVo amps?

I would like to hear your opinions pertaining to the low level dynamics and musicality and the same amp’s sibilance experience at higher levels.

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Check out Sim Audio.
AlxG, I just installed a Sherbourn 7/2100 amp. After some room adjustments I find it to be very detailed and open at less volume than my receiver was capable of.

Does the Sherbourn amp have warm or neutral presentation? For HT, I'm looking for the most clear and transparent dialog I can get and without sibilance.
You might want to check out Bryston if you have the cash. I find them to be pretty detailed at low volumes and I also find I no longer have to keep turning up the volume to hear everything clearly. You can get some great deals on the older ST series as well as the Lexicon NT series which are simply re-badged Brystons.
AlxG, I find the sound to be neutral. Don't forget the room has alot to do with it also.
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