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Hey guys...

The wife recently got some Document Reissues vinyl from Third Man Records , so I pulled out the old turntable, stereo amp and speakers from my high-school/college days (circa mid-1980s). Once I started playing vinyl again, I got bit by the bug and want to improve my setup.


turntable: Pioneer PL-S50

amp: Pioneer VSX-605s

speakers: Advent Legacy III

I know that gear is old and pedestrian, but it's working pretty good for us for the time being.

First thing I had to do was replace the foam on one of the Advent speakers. Then I replaced the cartridge/stylus on the TT with a Shure M97xE, which sounds pretty good!

Next I want to do something with the amp - it sounds decent, but has a noisy cooling fan in the back that creates a hum I'm not crazy about. Any suggestions for pre-amp + amp, or straight amp with phono input? I'm not sure what my budget is, but based on what I have I know high-end would not be the way to go. Something in the reasonably good "bang-for-buck" range.

Or would taking that amp to an electronics place to see if they could do anything about the noisy cooling fan be my best option? I listen to prog and rock, the wife listens to uptempo jazz and very early blues.

Thanks for any thoughts.

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Good choice on a new cartridge. The one other thing I'd consider on the turntable is replacing the belt. Can't hurt, might help.

As for amplification, if you want to keep costs down, consider a stereo receiver rather than an integrated amp or separates. Denon, Onkyo and Yamaha all make receivers with phono inputs. Prices start below $200.
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I suggest the Music Hall 15.3 integrated amplifier.

It is an outstanding amplifier for its price ($550) and has a built-in phono preamp.

If that's out of your price range, I would look at the Harman-Kardon 3390 Stereo Receiver, which B & H has for only $240. That's a very good deal.

It also has a phono preamp built in.
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