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5-6 RK8T2 rocks, so essentially 10-12 speakers as each has a left/right input. (Leaning towards using 5, but waiting on the final layout from the landscaping company.) They are surrounding a pool/patio/entertaining area. They would ideally be in two zones for volume control - those that surround the pool, and those that surround the kitchen/entertaining area. The farthest speaker run from the amp will be about 75 feet.

I was originally thinking of going with a 70v system and getting transformers for the speakers, but have read that the sound quality can vary greatly in 70v systems.

Does something like the Speakercraft BB1235 make sense? I'm assuming in that case I'd have to put volume controls on each speaker, which isn't ideal but is doable. Probably also not ideal to run 12 sets of wires, but again, doable. (Or if a single 6 zone outdoor volume control is available that would be fine - I've seen the OSD SSVC-6, which is called "outdoor" on their site, but I can't seem to find any information about actually using it outdoors.)

Or does it make more sense to just get a two zone amp, and parallel/series the zones to bring them each into an acceptable impedance rating, and then put one volume control on each?

I'm not sure what the best solution is here, any advice or other ideas would be greatly appreciated!!
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