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Amplifier Break-in??

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Hi All,

Christmas came early so I splurged and bought my first 5 channel amplifier an Earthquake Cinenova Grande. Having never owned a separate amplifier I don't know if there is any break-in involved, can anyone advise me?


Roger Kaufmann


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There is no break-in period for electronics.
Not true. Be the judge yourself. My pre-amplier took nearly 100 hours to fully break-in. What I noticed was a wider soundstage than when I first purchased the unit. My amplifer was also brighter for the first few weeks of operation but mellowed with use. But the greatest difference was with speakers. I purchased a pair of speaker and was very disappointed win I first connected them. I left them on all day and when I return they sounded like they sounded at my dealer. Break-in time can vary greatly. When I owned a budget av reciever, the sound did not change from the first time I listen to it until I sold it. I think a lot of what you can hear depends upon the level of quality of your electronics.
Gentlemen, start your engines. OK, here are the arguments:

1. Break-in is important with every part of the system.

Some components continue to improve for 200 hours or more.

2. Break-in is only important with certain components.

i.e. amplifiers (or preamps or speakers or cables - take your pick)

3. Break-in is not a factor. It simply can't be heard.

4. You break-in to the sound of your equipment. It doesn't change.

5. Break-in cannot be proven in laboratory. Therefore it cannot occur.

6. Break-in cannot be proven in double blind listening tests.

After endless posts on rec.audio.high-end, rec.audio.opinion

(when the children are behaving) and this forum, there is no


Believe whatever your own ears tell you.


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Thanks for the responses so far, I should have re-structured my question to be "How do you break in a new amplifier?" I've left it on but without any load meaning nothing playing currently. My guess is that might be good for burn in of some electronics but it doesn't do much to break the thing in and only playing CD's, DVD, or other stuff through it will actually do anything to break it in.

Thanks for your input so far.

Roger K.


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All that it took to break my amplifer was playing my tuner on my favorite jazz station. I have never used any special kind of music, just time on with some type of music playing. You did not mention this but I have also found that my amps, an Aragon 8008X3 and 2 Aragon 8002s sound better after they have about 30 min. to warm up. They are brigher when I first power them up.
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