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Amplifier Cooling Solutions

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I'm using three brand new NAD C272 amps (150W X 2 each), stacked on top of each other, in the bottom of my BDI "Axis" rack for my home theater/audio system.

There is approximately .70in spacing between each unit (height of unit feet). Also the top unit has approx 1.0in of space between it and the next (glass) shelf above it.

I'm concerned that I will need some sort of cooling method to move the air around. Although the BDI rack is nicely designed and provides completely open sides, front, and rear, I'm concerned about the spacing between the amp's. The .70in spacing does'nt provide enough room for many common cooling-fan solutions I've seen.

Would it serve well to mount cooling fans in the back section of the rack and blow air toward the amps? Or maybe mount a few fans onto the amp chassis and suck the air away, or toward amp's?

I've provided an image showing the bottom side-view of my rack, you should be able to notice the three amp's stacked.

I appreciate any constructive input.
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Thats a nice looking setup you got there WCD.... Seeing as its kinda tight behind the units with wires, Maybe its possible to mount a vertical stack of 3 120cm
case fans blowing from the side over the top of each amp, they are the quietest of all fans... 80mm spin faster and are louder.
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Thanks for your input Warpdrv. Did'nt realize the smaller diameter fans would generate more noise.

Yeah, I was thinking of using a vertical rack of fans from, either, the back, or rear side. Wonder how something like this would work mounted vertically?:

Also ran across this unit, seems pretty neat being that it is .64in in height, and can fit between each stacked unit. Wonder if it provides enough air-moving capacity?:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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