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Title pretty much says it all....long story short, I'm looking for an amplifier to power the 2 15" drivers in the towers. They are used as front L/R in a home theater setup.

Current receiver is a Pioneer VSX-1122-K but from reading and talking to an owner of a local music store the receiver just doesn't have the power to drive the 15" woofers like it needs. Also when listening to movies/music it just doesn't seem like the woofers are being used to their full potential even when setting the crossover on receiver to 50Hz.

Speakers: http://www.cerwinvega.com/home-audio/floorstanding-speakers/xls-215.html

For those not familiar with these speakers they have 2 sets of inputs on the back that can be bridged together. The top inputs control the tweeter/mid while the bottom goes to the 2 woofers.


Edit: should probably list a budget!

Nothing over $300, anything worthwhile around that price range?
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