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Amplifier - suggestions please!

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I'm in the process of finishing my basement, and planning to install in-ceiling speakers Klipsh ( R-1650-C ) - 7 and looking for a multi channel amplifier. Please suggest one under $700

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Emotiva, but do you really need an amp with Klipsch speakers?
I recommend you simply use a 7 channel AV receiver.
Thx. I just want to listen music, do i need an AV receiver for that? i was thinking just an amplifier would be good.
Thank you, but it only supports 2 channels, I'm planning for 6 or 7 speakers all over the basement ceiling, do you think it supports all the speakers?


I misread your post. When you said music only that threw me off.

Yes you need a receiver then. A stand alone amp has no source inputs.

I like Yamaha for ease of use, sound quality and reliability, but they are

weak on power. The sony 1040 benchtests unreal power, but has a lot

of problems and lousy gui, and no tablet control etc.

Denon and Marantz are good for music, but you have to call and

beg for a good deal. For music streaming make sure you get airplay.
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Originally Posted by essorcy  /t/1517320/amplifier-suggestions-please#post_24344342

Thx. I just want to listen music, do i need an AV receiver for that? i was thinking just an amplifier would be good.

The advantage of the AVR is generally superior price/performance, sound quality, and features, due to economies of scale. The features are now implemented digitally and controlled by menus not mechanical switches so when not used, they are completely out of the signal path.

Since you have to speakers in the basement, you may want an AVR with a zone 2 feature.

As far as all those speakers go, if you hook up 8 speakers in the basement in series-parallel connection, they will load the receiver properly.

Series-parallel means hook the speakers up in series groups of 2, and then hook 2 groups in parallel.

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Looking for a new amplifier, potentially 2 new amplifiers. Wanted to get some suggestions.


Right now I am using a NAD T 757 A/V receiver as a preamp to a NAD C370 integrated amp.

I have an HSU STF 1 subwoofer running out of the NAD T 757 preamp.


I want to build a 5.1 system with my new Magnepan MMGs and Magnepan MG-III's from the 80's. Right now the NAD C370 powers the MMGs but I am not 100% happy with the sound. The NAD370 can power the MG-III's to certain extend but the amp shuts down when I try to increase the volume to an enjoyable level. I believe I need a more powerful amplifier that can handle the 3-4 ohm MG-IIIs. 


I am looking at used amps under $1000 for sure but preferably under $500 if I can. A few options I have considered:


Emotiva XPA 2

2 Outlaw Monoblocks

Crown XLS 2500




I want a lot of power and an amp that can easily handle 4 ohms. I might consider getting one for the MMGs and the MG-IIIs. Let me know your thoughts.
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