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ampro 1500d remote different?

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Just bought this... Though I don't know why really. I guess I really didn't think I'd win at $49.


It seems to be a 1500d from what info I could find on the forum, but it appears to have a rj45 or some such connector for a remote rather than a

15 pin as in later models. Does it even use serial commands, and if so how do I wire a cable to use birdmans emulator with it?

Must stop buying projectors...

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From what I remember, the 1500D takes the "old style" Ampro remote with the 15-pin connector. Do you have a jpg of the back of the PJ ??
Thanks Sewerrat,

There are pics of the back in the auction listing, and I don't see a 15pin.

The link to the auction is in my first message.

You can see the rj45 or rj11 connector marked remote.
I think I might have the remote your looking for.

I pm'ed Papalek, but I'd still like to get the info on this remote thing and whether there's a way to interface birdmans emulator. Even if I get the wired remote I would want a pc interface for daily control via htpc if it's possible.

Someone had a manual to the Esprit 300/500 series in the original binder about a month ago on ebay and it did not sell. I cannot remember who the seller was, but it was not freebird. I did not bookmark it and the ebay search does not go back far enough to pick it up.

If anybody bookmarked it let Troy know.

I have an Amopro 3600 and I use a borrowed wired remote but Ive just got an infa red one from abay he said it was for this pj .but it has a different connector on it .. a rj 45 I think ..( 8 small wires into a vey small connector

Can I use this ? adapt it ..to the db9 one that the wired remote has ..

Do you know or know who may know ..please


ps I have access to a manual for the 3600 .4600 but Im in the uk.


Joshua ..
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Your 3600 "host" connector takes a DB15 plug. Use the supplied adaptor which converts the j-plug on the end of the receiver's cable to the DB15 plug.

The AmPro XI-100 wireless transmitter you just bought from me was made specifically to be used with the 2600/3600/4600 pj's. As you will have noticed it has every remote command that is found on the later style wired remote.

But when Ampro designed this remote system they also had in mind using it for all the earlier Ampro models as well. So they put the j-plug on the cable and supplied the adaptor so that it would be compatible with all the earlier Ampro projectors.

For those who are not familiar with this Ampro remote transmitter, it is a vast improvement over everything else Ampro offered as an infrared remote system. The earlier receivers all had the problem of sometimes receiving infrared signals from other sources. But this XI-100 system was a complete redesign and does not have that flaw. If you have never seen the XI-100 here's what it looks like. I think it's indispensable to own one of these if you have an x600 Ampro.


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I just grabbed this off ebay thinking somebody could use it.

thanks Robert ..the adapters are of course the thing :)

moral : dig deep .


Tx Joshua
Well, just for future reference, the projector that started this thread turned out to be a 300s, not a 1500. It's apparently video only, so scratch needing a remote, it's not worth it to me... It has hd6's and minty sd187's it appears so I guess I'll part her out.

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