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Ampro 3600 help menu missing.

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I just got my ampro back from the repair shop where it had a red neck board installed.

I powered it and I'm trying to get it working but... I can't get the help menu up, which has the setup in it. The test button will bring up some test patterns but the help button makes everything go black.

I was thinking it's actually there because when I press the down button, which I remember was the exit button it returns back to normal, which atm is my desktop for my PC.

Is this right? It's there but just not displaying for some reason, and if so, does anyone know how i get it back?

Thanks, Kyle.
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You have an Ampro 3400....

Check your code sheet, I think its 72 code to turn help on , but I'm not totally sure.

Why didn't you put the neck board on yourself ?
Thanks heh, I didn't put the neckboard in myself because I didn't even know what was wrong with it, as you can see I still don't know much about it, except I love it, when it's being nice.
72 is write protect, I don't suppose you'd know where I could find a code list? Mine was lost w/ my old PC going bad on me and my searches have turned up zilch.

The usual problem with missing Ampro help screen display is low brightness and/or contrast settings. The help screens have their own memory setting for those values. If the settings are too low, you won't see anything.

Another problem is the help screen blanking settings which can be so far off that no display will come up. Try brightness/contrast first, then try blanking full one extreme (100%), then the other (0%) both sides, and top/bottom.

Ray is right.

And code 77 and 79 will reset the internal parameters, that might do it too.

I tried both resets, no luck.

If they help screen has it's own settings how do I adjust them? I cannot use the regular brightness/contrast controls when in help.
Brightness and contrast should work in help screen. Try the blanking adjustments (all directions) to see if it is folded over in an extreme wrong direction and totally killing your picture.

PM me your email and I'll send you the remote commands. I have the remote control summary from the 3600 manual. It's a multipage .tif file so use Windows Picture an Fax Viewer to open and PgUp/PgDn buttons to go thru pages. i cannot attach it as it exceeds the file size of 512K at 736K :(
In the operators manual it says "Image Quality adjustments cannot be entered whole a Munu is on screen. Once a MENU is active and the LCD displays 'SELECT SUJECT' you may only select a subject or exit.
here are the 3 pages with the codes


3600 remote control functions.zip 298.5830078125k . file



As Ray said, you can use the contrast and bright settings in "help" and you usually you have to incerase them (or maximize blanking). You may not be able to use B/C if you are in the middle of another commnand in the help screens. What is your remote replying? Is it reponding with an error ?
I'm using a remote emulator. I hit the help button and it goes black, SELECT? comes up on the remote. If I hit brite or contrast nothing happens.

After playing with it abit I pressed 1 a couple times at SELECT and was able to then do brite/contrast, still nothing though. Turned the blanking all the way down too.
Some more playing around, the Help menu's are actually up now but so dim I cannot see them unless I look into the tube. The blue tube's light up though and filling the screen with just a full blue nothing.
More messing around, I navigated through setup from looking in the tubes and after I got into the full setup it came up properly on the screen.:)

Any way you could summarize a fix, or a procedure to attack the problem? The same question keeps coming up all the time here at the Forum.


Didn't you solve it in post #16 ? If you didn't solve it, how did you navigate the setup ?
Well, I got it 1/2 way working. It wasn't bright enough to see unless I looked into the green tube and read it, after I got into the focus screens normal brightness level returned and I could see the screen on the wall.

I make it through the focus part of the setup and took a break for the day, came back and now I'm stuck there atm as the test patterns are doing funny things, like the lines that should be straight are moving sorta like an osciliscope, or missing.
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