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After a recent 120 GB upgrade (using Maxtor drive)

I used AMSET to change the drive to /fast because

some postings seemed to indicate keeping it on quiet

could be a problem.

Turned out, seek noise with the /fast setting was loud

and annoying. I don't know how anybody could use it

with AMSET off!

Anyway, I ended up pulling out the drive and setting

it to quiet. What a difference -- the drive is now quieter

or at least no louder than the original drive. Especially

good considering I no longer have the EZ bake on it.

My experience has been that the quiet setting has not

affected the performance at all -- video quality is fine, no

skipping or other bad results. Seems to me, at least for

the drive I've got, it would be good if the various faq's

and upgrade instructions were updated to say that the

quiet setting works well (and sure beats hearing all

that noise from the heads seeking).
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