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An apartment dweller considers the Diva's

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First of all, I humbly apologize for YET another thread on the Diva's :), but my perspective is slightly different.

The system I am considering (and will probably get) is -

Paradigm Titans, Atoms, CC170

Denon 1602

Sony WMA40/JBL12/PDR8

This will cost me ~$1000.

Though a decidedly entry level system, based on all the research I did I believe it represents best bang-for-buck for someone on a budget.

However I just couldn't ignore the two humongous threads on the Diva's - and reading thru them makes me want them bad! This forum is an evil place :D

I'm in my mid 20's (not much disposable income), live in a medium sized apartment, meaning no huge listening spaces and that I have to keep the volume at a reasonable level. Probably also rules out a monster sub. No ability to move into a house in the near (or distant) future.

- are the Diva's sort of overkill for an apt. The size is certainly an issue

- The 4.1, C3, 2.1 package is $1200. I spoke to a av123 CSR, and they will give a 4x 2.1 + C3 package for $950. Is the difference (loss in quality) worth it? I was considering the 2.1 since rt297 posted that they are good enough for use as mains.

- I will have to upgrade my reciever (to a 1802 or 3802)

- For a sub I would want an SVS/Adire Rava but I may hold off on that due to the apt thing.

- My budget would become close to $2000.

- and the most imp question. Is there anyone in the Bay Area, California, who has the Diva's and would be kind enough to let me hear them?

I am no audiophile, but I would like something that will keep me happy for at least the next 10 years, and like someone said, not playing 'what-if'. I can barely afford it but not having spent this much on audio have a hard time convincing myself. There's no wifey to make me see reason

:) and so much temptation.

Do you think its worth it?
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For $950, I don't think you can go wrong with 4 2.1s and C3. They sound fantastic and look even better.

I live in an apt. in Merced, CA (central valley) and you're welcome to come down for a demo. It's only a couple hours away. I have 6.1s, 2.1s, C3 and SVS 20/39CS.

The 6.1s obviously have a much fuller sound than the 2.1s, but the 2.1s still sound great. Throw in a sub for your movies and you're all set.

Drop me an email if you want to come by for a demo.

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I have almost the exact same set up as Keris except I have dual 20-39's all in an apt :D We can set up the 2.1's as mains vs the 6.1's so you have an idea of the difference.

I'm in Belmont if that's closer for you (didn't see where you live from your profile).

Well I also reside in an apartment. I have the 5.1 serv. You might want to contact av123 and see if they still have pair of the left. They are letting these go for 499 a pair. For apartment listening and viewing I think these provide an excellent sound. These lows are definately there. We must have some real bassaholics on this board because I have the 5.1's bass cut 3db's and it is plenty. They probably could cut you a deal on these at around 1200. I will say this living in an apartment is starting to drive me crazy. I have these great speakers and I can't drive them like the want to be driven. arrrgh.
Archrr, I'm much closer to you (Sunnyvale).

What do you guys use to drive the speakers?

I'm sending u a mail to fix up the demo :)


Yeah, SV is not too far.

I'm currently using an Onkyo TX-DS696 for all 5 main channels and the Samson 700 to drive the dual 20-39's. While the 696 is a very capable performer, I'd love to hear a nice 2 channel amp hooked up to them and let 'er rip.

Let me know whan you want to do the demo. The last 3 weekends have all been booked for demos as well as this weekend. I am going to have to start paying off my neighbors for putting up with all the audio demos! :)

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You are going to have to start charging admission.

Trying to figure that one out Russ :)
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