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An AVR without the 'V'

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I've been using AVR's for a while now (as in 5+ years) and have never really had this issue. My AVR's were not and are not high end so don't convert the video signal to a single output. Meaning my DVD players and Cable boxes were always composite and then S-video in tandem so when I would switch input sources the output would always be the same as my input.

However times change and i've upgraded to component for the DVD video out. Now my AVR has component ins and outs but I would need a component in and out, and an S-video in and out for both my sat. box and DVD. Since with this setup I'm switching inputs on my tv manually anyway, I sorta no longer use the video ports on my AVR.

My DVD goes component straight to the set and my sat. box goes straight to the set. So I basically switch audio on the AVR and video on the set.

Yes I miss the days when I just had to hit one button on my remote and my audio and video switching were done simultaneously, but I don't want to shell out the $$$ for a high end receiver which could theoretically do this, and the $$$ for second lengths of cables.

My question is, since I'm running a 6.1 setup/DTS-ES is there a receiver which only handles audio and not video. This way I can just run a digi-coax for DVD in and an optical for Sat. in and have no other wires going into my receiver?

Another reason to do this is because space on the back of the AVR's is tight to make room for all the choices of video inputs (composite, s-video, component) and then the audio inputs and speaker outputs, the speaker terminals are cramped and don't make room for spade terminations which 2 of my speakers have. Also they have that annoying plastic 'ring' around the base of the terminal. An audio only amp would be nice to open up the back.

Theoretically the audio only amp would be smaller, but that isn't necessarily true in all cases.

Anyway, if anyone knows of such a thing, or method, let me know.


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If you find such a beast, let us know. I have never had any use for the video features of my receiver.
I doubt if any 6.1 receivers are out there with audio only connections. If you are willing to go the separates route you can get the Bryston SP-1.7 pre/pro that is audio only. Of course you will need to add a separate amp, but the upside is there will be a big improvement in sound quality.

So what that means is I get 1 machine that does audio processing only, but doesn't have speaker outs, just digital inputs and a digital output.

Then I get a second machine which does no processing, just feeds the speakers?

Is this correct? Because I'm familiar with this route, but its only high-end stuff in the $5000+ range. Thats beyond beyond as far as money goes.

I have a B&K ref 50 and only use it for audio switching and us the TV for video switching. I get around the one button on the remote issue by using a programmable remote and creating a macro. The ref 50 comes bundled with the Home Theater Master XM-700 and I absolutely love it.

You will always need amplifiers to drive your speakers (unless your speakers have built in amps). AV receivers have amps built in, as well as the preamp/processor functions to switch inputs, process signals, change volume, etc. Separate preamps/processors do not have built in amplifiers so you have to add the power amp. They generally cost more but will deliver superior sound if your speakers are of sufficient quality.

Since you are free to ignore the video in/outs on your AV receiver, why is it even an issue? Just don't use them. There are good separate video switchers available, some with remote control if that is what you prefer. That is what I do BTW.

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