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Here I sit on my porch

it's 3am and I'm still waiting on FedEx with a torch

my sales rep is a dip

'cause he said it shipped

I cry out, "I think I have been skipped!"

I think I'll just go get ripped.


System info: LT150 soon hopefully!, Dalite 57X77 Matte & HP, P3 700, ATI Radeon 64mb VIVO, ATI 7.1 player, WinDVD 2.6.4, WinME

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There was a tiny projector from NEC,

whose picture could cause a wreck,

When we found a price from Dell,

Which had inexplicably fell,

We said "at $1700 what the heck?!?!"


When we first heard of the 150,

It was Grant, saying "Its just Nifty!",

But we just didnt buy it,

So he said "just TRY IT",

But it was Dell that made us feel thrifty

Oh man. This is getting ugly. I think I'll go home and watch a movie.


PS Feel free to edit.


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All those who would try to Deny it

Now admit that they really did buy it

The price was a steal

That made AVS members squeal

And stopped all other talk dead quiet.

I can't wait until all the LT150s ship so we can get back to talking about home theater again.

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The Sanyo screen door's too endowed

And the DILA's too costly and loud

When Dell came along

With NECs for a song

I bought two and for that I am proud.

(c) Les Arrow, August 2001

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I said bad things about Dell

For that I may go to ****

Yes the UPS truck is now rollin

Lord help me I hope they're not stolen



~ The Sultan of Cheap ~

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I agree with Lurker that only the sublime simplicity and organic wholeness of Haiku can capture the deep pathos of this tragic situation.

L T one fifty

I am lost without your light

To shine on my screen

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Ratings on AVS Poets:

Mark Hunter, Poet Laureate of AVS

Les Arrow,darn close second

My modest contribution:

There was once an LT 150

They all thought was nifty

But cut the price

It became a dirt-cheap vice

And they all felt so thrifty!

Not bad for a bunch of HT nerds, guys! http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/biggrin.gif


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(sung to the tune of "Fernando" by ABBA)

Can you hear the squeels AVS?

I remember long ago

another order placed on-line.

In the phospher glow AVS

you were posting to the board

and softly cursing CSRs

I could hear the distant "thunk"

And sound of price drops coming from afar.

They were closer now AVS

Every hour, every minute seemed to last eternally

I was so afraid AVS

Would they ship on August 1st

or get postponed indef'nitly?

And I'm not ashamed to say

The roar of canceled orders almost made me cry.


There was something in the air that night

The bulbs were bright, AVS

They were shining there for you and me


Though I never thought that we could lose

There's no regret

If I had to do the same again

I would, my friend, AVS

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