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I am stuck at this decision between the 650 and 750 as many have been before me.

Yes, I have used the search function countless times looking for this, found a wealth of information, but it all seems dated (most early-mid 08).

Please don't post about 12 bit vs 16 bit, or tell me the panels and PQ's are the same, I know this.

Lets talk about some issues that were and may still be a problem.

I REALLY like the look of the 750 over the 650, However other than that, I will not really be using the woofer or the bonus items on the flash memory.

However, I would hate the look of the 750 if either; 1) the Halo effect is horrid, or 2) the red TOC begins flaking or separating as I've read it can do

All comments about the flaking TOC on the 750 seem to end around august of 08, did people just stop caring, or did samsung fix this issue?

Also, the DLNA connectivity on the 750. Will that allow my PS3 and other devices to communicate better with the TV? Or, being more general, is the 750 more receptive to things like dvd players, game systems, etc, since it has improved DLNA?

Also - any persisting problems with the 650 I should know about?

Some things to note: The 750 is only 60 dollars more than the 650. And I dont HATE the 650 styling, I just perfer the 750 (assuming it wont flake, seperate, or look crappy in any way).

Last, and most importantly, I WILL NOT PUT TAPE ON THE BEZEL OF A 1500 DOLLAR TV.

Thanks for your help! I need to purchase today, so please post up!

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The DLNA connectivity has nothing to do with the PS3, in fact, you will find the DLNA media streaming in the A750 to be useless as you have a PS3, I've used the A750's media features once, it's slow and no where near as good as the PS3.

Also I haven't heard of any TOC flaking issues, is this a big problem? Mine doesn't have a problem.

The only good thing about the A750 over the A650 is it has better audio and styling. Which is why I bought it.
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