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Hi AV community-

First post here. Thank you for your input. I have been reading and reading these forums looking for a comparable replacement to my now-broken HD72. I have read a lot about the HD20, and a bit about the HD33, HC4000, and others.

I won't share budget restrictions as I see that is forbidden, but would love ideas about which pj would produce a similar/better experience. Unfortunately, I note that many projectors have done away with horizontal keystone (like I used with my HD72). I also have concerns about going from a Darkchip2 pj to something without one.

I'm looking to watch blu-rays, DirecTV sunday ticket football, and a little xbox. My room has little to no ambient light. I have tried to cipher all the differences through the buying guides available, but found I'm now more confused than ever.

Thanks for any help,

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